Sports and Remedial Massage

Whether you’re a sports player or fitness fanatic keen to build muscle strength and enhance performance or an office worker whose desk-based job causes you back, neck and other pain, our invigorating deep-tissue Sports Massage is for you.

How does Sport Massage work?

Our Sports Massage combines Swedish Massage technique – including long, gliding strokes and kneading movements – alongside advanced soft tissue release and stretching methods to reduce tension in the body’s muscles, ligaments and tendons.

This penetrating massaging motion helps break down muscle knots (fibrous adhesions), allowing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to flow freely through the muscle. As well as alleviating muscle soreness, it kick-starts the lymph system to remove toxins more efficiently, and increases muscle flexibility and function.

Qualified Sports Massage Therapist Amersham

As a skilled massage therapist (BTEC Level 5 professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy) specialising in Sports Massage, I help assess and treat a comprehensive range of musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries. I also provide Kinesiology Taping, giving targeted pain relief and muscle support where you need it most.

I provide Sports and Remedial Massage therapy to clients across Bucks & Herts from my home facilities in Amersham.     
To start improving your muscular aches and pains call 07379 363257 or email for an appointment.

Are you looking to optimise your performance and recovery time?

What are the benefits of Amersham Sports Massage?

Our Sports Massage offers a wealth of physical, physiological and psychological benefits, including:

  • Reduced muscle tension, stiffness and swelling
  • Improved flexibility and movement
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Decreased risk of further muscle strains or injuries which may affect sports performance or everyday functions such as walking, work and lifting
  • Quicker recovery time between training and competitions
  • Improved muscle strength, enabling longer, harder training sessions and enhanced performance for athletes
  • Enhanced relaxation and sense of well-being

What conditions does Sport Massage treat?

Sport massage is ideal for treating all types of sport and non-sport related muscle strains, sprains, spasms and injuries. This includes back and neck pain, back spasms, stiff necks and shoulders, pulled hamstrings, sprained ankles, plus many more.

How often should I have a Sports Massage?

Olympic athletes, Tour de France cyclists and top tennis players require sports massage on a daily basis to ensure peak physical performance.

We currently treat one of Great Britain’s top junior cyclists every week without fail. Since embarking on a regular massage routine, his results have been outstanding.

We also provide massage therapy for a good level club cyclist (working as a solicitor during the week) who benefits from a deep-tissue sports massage once a month. Plus, lots of swimming and tennis players who compete socially come to us for regular sports massages.

Whether you play professionally or for fun –- if your body feels tired and your hard training isn’t reaping the results you want, then a good quality sports massage can significantly enhance your recovery cycle and performance.


“Phil is the first person I go to see on Mondays after racing in Europe at the weekends. He knows my legs so well he can tell me how hard the race was. Even scarier, he can even tell me what bike I used! Phil’s Sports massage therapy has become a vital part of my routine and it is essential for keeping my legs fresh and helping my muscles recover for more training”


A Junior Cyclist competing at the highest level in Europe. His aim is to obtain a professional cycling contract in the next 12-months.